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Ultra Small mix 100 kg


Ultra Small mix 100 kg


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Three powerful particles, in pieces even smaller than micro. This is a tactical particle mix: you offer small snacks with a lot of attraction, which do not saturate the fish. Sprinkle them around your hookbait for quick results or prepare your swim with them in advance. The Ultra Small mix contains crushed tiger, crushed corn and crushed wheat. The particle mixes from Inpax are great to combine with boilies, pop-ups, corn or tiger nuts.

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10 kg


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Ultra small mix

Tips van de specialist Inpax

Tips from the specialist

Tips and tricks Ralph

Fellow fishermen,

To give you as fellow fishermen a handy and useful tip, I want to start by giving my particle mix.
When I saw and tested our HQ pellets, I was quickly impressed by the high moisture absorption.
What I do is first boil my particle mix, then let it cool in the liquid. (+/- 3 kg particlelmix)
I add 200 ml of soak, the same taste as the boilies I fish with (Isotope fish in spring)
When the mix has cooled down well, I add half a kilo of HQ pellets, these will immediately absorb the excess moisture, giving you a true attraction bomb.
I use this mix in the build-up and divide the mix over my 3 rods. (throughout the session)

3 kilos of particle mix
0,5 kilos of pellets
200 ml soak

Have fun catching! 😊


RAY’S WAY: winter fishing for carp

Winter fishing… either you hate it or you love it. I myself belong to the latter category of fishermen and love to brave the cold for a few cold ‘claws’ and a golden catch. OK,
it is sometimes quite hard to do, especially if there are also nights fishing, but with a little good preparation in terms of clothing, warm food and drinks, it is usually fine to stay along the waterfront.

One of the main reasons for me to go to the water’s edge during this period is the ultimate tranquility that prevails along most waters; in nine cases out of ten I have the realm alone. Other additional advantages for me are that the fish are often at top weight during the cold months, are glowing with health, have beautiful colors and are often a bit more lazy in their actions. I hear you think; ‘it is not good at all for the catches that the fish are languid and barely move from their place’? Partly agree; it is indeed a less fierce battle than during the warmer temperatures, but… the fish often look for obstacle-rich cuttings in the winter and that is why this lethargy can work to our advantage!

Cuttings that can hardly be fished during the year due to the many obstacles under water and the power of the fish to reach these obstacles suddenly become very interesting in my eyes. Because I usually fish during the day in the winter, left a few nights there, I’m always right behind my sticks. With a tight slip and an extremely strong braided line, Power Pro from Shimano in my case, you can now fairly easily direct the most powerful fish away from the obstacles, because the resistance is much less due to their laziness. Please note; this fishery does require the discipline to never walk away from your rods and stay sharp and alert at all times. Can you afford this, after all, we want to catch the fish and not lose or damage it, then winter is a fantastic period to catch a series of beautiful fish!

So, the choice of cuttings has been determined. What are we going to fish with? In the winter it is in any case wise to work with small food particles; think of sweetcorn, hemp, buckwheat and small boilies or better pieces of boilies. This small food ensures that the fish will become satiated less quickly and will have to move a bit more if it wants to outsmart something tasty. Little but attractive is often the key to winter success. Personally, I prefer to use a so-called cloudy mix that does not contain any solid food particles. I put my ingredients in a blender, add a baitsoak and mix this until a firm sticky paste is formed which will cloud enormously under water. The idea behind this is to trigger the fish as much as possible, possibly arouse food envy, but to saturate it minimally. There is only one small conspicuous food particle at the bottom amid this maddening cloud; you guessed it… A razor sharp piece of metal is attached to this!

To make a short bridge to my rig; a bit shorter than I would normally use. Depending on the soil conditions, my rig is 12-15cm long. And I made it
just as briefly; because of the lethargy and the somewhat harder jaws of the fish, your hook must be really razor sharp. Always super important, but especially in the winter!

For those who read to the end; give winter fishing a chance. If 1,2,3 doesn’t work right away, don’t give up too quickly. Once you have held such a cold nugget in your hands, all ‘hardships’ melt like snow in the sun.

Good luck and have fun!

Remond van Dijk

Reinbert’s life line tips

Little fishing time but still catching maximum fish? This is fine to do!

The secret lies in the attraction of the food. The different types of food and more importantly their quantities. Below is my go to mix for almost any water.

  • 2 kg hennep
  • 2 handfuls of Medium tiger nut
  • 2 handfuls of mixed bag artic krill boilies (15/18/20mm)
  • 200ml artic krill soak or salmon oil
  • 2 handfuls of pellets isotope fish
  • 1 handful canned maize

Make sure you don’t throw more than 2 or 3 scoops of food around or near your hookbait, because you want to have a bite as quickly as possible. I prepare the mix the night before, I only add the boilies when I am at the water’s edge.
To use the time as much as possible, I supply several cuttings (usually about 5), which I fish alternately for 1 hour each. Especially on culture waters, this often results in just a few extra fish.

Quick success in the evening; after cutting 1 yielded nothing but gave cuttings 2 within 2 minutes.

Frans Vision: tips for fishing dressage waters

Dressage is a well-known concept in our world and every carp angler will have to deal with this sooner or later, after all, one water is not the other. In such a situation I choose to feed little and to fish with which I feed. My mix consists of different types of boilies and different millimeters in order to appeal to several fish and to persuade them to aces. The type of water determines which types I use, but I prefer the Isotope Fish (fish meal ball) and the Opal Nut (nutty ball).

On some small park waters where I do not necessarily have to feed, I like to use a small attractive PVA bag filled with some crumbled bulbs, possibly provided with some baitsoak. I don’t just choose a spot where good results have been achieved in the past, but first observe the water carefully for a while and try to discover where the fish is at that moment. I take extensive time for this because I really want to fish where the fish is present and sometimes by observing carefully you discover places where you would not expect the fish at all.

Bait dropped in a bait pit, this can never last long…

My motto is to keep your presentation simple but effective. Make sure that the hook can screw in properly and that the hook is always razor sharp! You really shouldn’t cut corners on this in my opinion. Not sure if your hook is still sharp enough? Don’t go ‘cheating’ but just replace your hook or underline immediately so that you don’t have to hit yourself in the head afterwards if you lose a fish!

After a hard bite and a solid drill, the bait pit gave up its resident…

The last thing I want to tell you: don’t put too much pressure on yourself, keep thinking logically about your fishing and enjoy the many beautiful sides of our hobby.

Frans Hartensveld

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